Purchase our personalised positive affirmations for drawing in wellness, abundance, love and bliss into your life. These personalized affirmations will be your tool to manifest your dreams, build your confidence, and get your heart in the right place. Accompanied by a sound healing track written in the 432 Hz frequency to balance both mind and heart, encouraging them to work in harmony. You will love it! Listen to them first thing and last thing at night to aid a harmonious sleep.


With these Positive Affirmations PERSONALISED for you by Natasha, they are designed to go directly into your subconscious and help you attract the life you’ve been longing for. Simply let us know what you’re trying to attract into your life after your purchase and it will be created for you within 5 business days. Affirmations have always been one of the greatest tools to manifesting your goals, building your confidence and aligning your heart and brain into coherence. Throughout life, new neural connections in our brain are created and strengthened through repetition of thoughts, actions and phrases. Therefore, attracting the events sooner.

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