Natasha, until I read your book, the only self-help book I ever recommended to anyone was this one. Now I have two, and the interesting (and possibly not surprising) thing is they tell a similar message in a slightly different way. I think your way of writing and getting your message over will resonate better with the people that really need help. It’s small steps that make a big difference. Every teenager needs to read your book.


I had the pleasure of connecting with Natasha through one of her IG growth webinars. I could tell right away that she has a tremendous passion and energy for helping others! I was so inspired after the webinar that I invested in one of Natasha’s group IG growth courses and am so thankful that I did! Over the course of our 4 sessions, I learned so much regarding best practices and actionable tips to grow my brand on IG. Natasha was very helpful and always willing to answer my questions/concerns. Simply put, Natasha is an AMAZING human being and I HIGHLY recommend her IG growth course if you are SERIOUS about growing your brand on IG. I am beyond thrilled that I made the investment!

Sarai Osorio

This book changed my life. Natasha is such an inspiring woman and her words literally got me out of bed and leading a new life within the first few pages. I never thought I could turn my world around, but I did. Great book for the handbag as it's not big at all!


This is a truly inspirational book that is easy to read and take in. It’s not a long read which is great because it’s aimed at being impactful, it’s like getting your own supply of pure oxygen, that will make you feel motivated in every aspect of your life!!. What timing, to bring this out now, when we really do need it most! READ IT you won’t regret it


For a long time, I had felt I really needed to improve my social media skills, and Instagram was a platform that I have never used and had no idea about. Many people had asked me whether I was on Instagram, and I was embarrassed to always say no! I felt intimidated by the younger generations who were so “with it” when it came to that. I knew I could never grow my business without it, so when I had the opportunity to see Natasho Grano talking about her Instagram course, I just knew I had to jump in and do it. I ran for my wallet and signed up immediately for her 4-day course. I was so relieved and happy that the course was small and that I would have 1 x 1 time with Natasha directly, since I was starting from zero. We got off to a brilliant start, and Natasha was able to assess how much or how little each of us knew in no time at all.She explained everything so clearly and walked us through so many examples, that it really sunk in. She was dedicated equally to all of us and ensured that all questions were answered thoroughly. Each day we learned something new, from how to create and save posts, the strategy behind hashtags, posting stories with impact, the importance and quality of content, how to best capture and engage with your followers, the importance of branding, best times of the day to post, what NOT to do, and the list goes on and on. On Day 1 she created a WhatsApp chat group for just our group and was always available to answer our questions or when things were unclear. By Day 4, we were whizzing through it and also gaining the support and help from other participants. In such a short time, I have gone from feeling in the dark, to quite confident with my posts and all the different options I have to play with. I used to look at my phone constantly to watch for a new follower, and now I get new followers every day that I have totally lost count!! Natasha is a born teacher. She’s so natural and caring and has so much patience. She’s full of energy and so fun to hang out with. I can’t recommend this course enough for anyone who wants to grow their business with Instagram. She’s a true expert, an amazing influencer and has a very deep understanding of the platform. No level is too high for this firecracker ! I found the course great value for money too and would happily do another one to fine-tune some of the things which I would still like to learn. If you have the chance to let Natasha teach you this very important skill for today’s world and the future, sign up TODAY!!!

Jackie Ngu

I have had the best 4 days. I was initially sceptical as I thought, what could I learn in 4 hours! However, my gut feeling was telling me to go for it. And wow, it was just amazing. Interactive, energetic, just what I needed to move to the next level in my Instagram journey. For who Natasha is, I feel honoured to have had this learning experience from her. Thank you🙏Namaste!

Mela Lee - World renowned Voice Over Actress

Natasha! Oh my goodness girl , you have changed my entire life in less than a week , my fan engagement was up 300% in the first 5 minutes of working with you. I want to extend my deepest gratitude for you communicating concepts and strategies everyone can understand, especially people like me who are maybe tech averse and not social media savvy but you made it easy and to those of you taking steps right now towards your dreams , Congratulations you are in good hands with Natasha and I look forward to hearing your success story.

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